Lighting Problems, LEDs for Room Lighting

There is a tendency to replace all previous bulbs (including halogen bulbs) with LEDs. This is acclaimed as a major contribution to energy saving. However, one should consider:

Lighting is only a minor source of electricity consumption in a household – washing machines – electric stoves etc. are much more energy-consuming
Colors are distorted by LEDs. All museums and art galleries have halogen bulbs, for this reason
LED lamps are much less efficient for reading, if you have eye problems
There are various concerns about LED bulbs

I think LED is a significant step in energy efficiency, especially regarding solar light for rural regions in Africa. And I like pour LED light at home. One might have other preferences here, however I wouldn‘t blame LED to be a bad thing.

WELL, we would need to discuss this on the phone when I am back in Switzerland from 28th Oct onwards.
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